Steep Slope Applications

Steep Slope Applications
  • 3:12 and greater - Cool-Vent, a vented, nailable polyiso insulation panel
  • 3:12 and smaller - H-Shield NB, a non vented polyiso panel bonded to OSB
  • Below is a pdf of the installation and design criteria guide for each product.

cool vent asmbHunter Cool-Vent
Cool-Vent is a venting composite insulation board that consists of a 4'x8' panel of rigid polyiso, a middle layer of solid wood spacers, creating a standard 1" air space and a top layer of APA/TECO rated OSB or plywood. Cool-Vent is the environmentally intelligent choice for steep slope roofing applications and is viable in green and sustainable building. 

Screenshot 2023 11 03 at 4.48.31 PMCool Vent Installation Guide

Hunter H-Shield NB
H-Shield NB is a rigid roof insulation composite panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured on-line to a fiber reinforced facer on one side and either 7⁄16" or 5⁄8" oriented strand board (OSB) on the other. H-Shield NB can also be manufactured off-line using a FM approved adhesive. h shield nb slate plywd

NB AppH-Shield NB Installation Guide

fast 24Fastening Requirements for H-Shield NB  - 24" OC - Concrete

fast 16 32Fastening Requirements for H-Shield NB - 16" or 32" OC - Concrete-Steel