Xci Polyiso Installation Videos 

Watch and share these installation videos. Please contact us if you have any installation questions these videos do not answer. Our technical team is ready to help however we can. 

How to Install the Hunter Panels Xci Aegis Wall System

This video demonstrates how to install the Hunter Panels Polyiso Xci AEGIS Wall System. This System acts as an air, vapor and thermal control layer.

How to Install Hunter Xci FlexShield

A Flexible Windowsill Flashing Applied to Hunter Xci Wall Polyiso Products

How to Install Wall Polyiso over Steel Stud Walls Using Base Plates Vertically

Hunter Xci Polyiso installation with brick veneer anchors to base wall prior to polyiso being installed.

How to Install Wall Polyiso Insulation over Steel Studs (non Class A foam)

Anchors and washers used to secure 4x8 polyiso insulation

How to Install Polyiso Wall Insulation Over Steel Stud Walls

Brick Veneer Anchors Applied Over Base Plates

How to install Hunter Xci Class A foam wall Polyiso over Steel Studs

Anchors and washers secure the Xci Class A polyiso to steel stud framing where it serves thermal, air and water functions

Polyiso vs. Mineral Fiber Insulation

Time comparison for installation of Continuous insulation (ci) options

Hunter Xci Best Practices with SIP Fasteners

Mechanical Attachments at the Sheathing

Hunter Panels Hunter Xci Ply Job Site Highlight – Central Michigan

This Rodenhouse video demonstrates the installation of Hunter Xci Ply using Hunter's SIP Fasteners